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Welcome to TargetRH

Welcome to TargetRH


We operate focused on leadership positions for all market segments. With a consultative and flexible approach, we always focus on the real needs of each client and ensure high quality work with measurable results. Our style is to build together. We involve our clients in every stage of the process, from design to implementation.

We are a structured consulting firm targeted on hunting, i.e., we hunt for the best leaders. We don´t rely solely on systems and databases, but also on the search for the profile required by our clients by mapping the market, allied with strong consulting efforts.

Our proactivity, seeking to know not only professionals, but also people, without necessarily having an opportunity in mind, increases our networking and market vision, following market trends and movements.

Our team, with extensive experience, dedication and expertise, takes pride in making a difference. And our success is measured by our long-lasting partnerships.


Focus on client satisfaction

We achieve a client satisfaction rate of 100%, regardless of the size of project and company. We build long-term relationships, becoming the main partner in the search for the best leaders.

Competitive Intelligence

Our research department has a sound academic background, and using a methodology that combines a solid process and robust market mapping, it helps our clients in strategic decision making, driving and transforming their companies’ bottom-line numbers.


We provide services in a customized and flexible way, always with a consultative approach, a sense of ownership, and segment-specific expertise, according to the culture and objectives of each client.


Our continuous access to the market enables us to exchange content and advise our clients, helping them to make the best decisions for their businesses. It is this extensive networking that brings us agility with assertiveness.


We keep track of the professional developments in the careers of the leaders hired, always attentive to their evolution curve. Thus we earn the full satisfaction of the client. Our well-structured process ensures constant feedback to candidates.

Holistic vision

We have a holistic vision with a team that includes people who have worked on the client's side and people from the research area of major consulting firms. This generates a high performance culture.


Vision – To be the main reference in innovative human capital solutions, becoming always the first choice of search in this market.

Mission – To connect LEADERS and companies on successful paths.

We tell the truth, clearly and respectfully. We issue opinions, establish dialogues, set ethical goals, always in order to provide the best work to our clients.

We have the spirit of overcoming, attitude, a twinkle in the eyes, a desire to add value and make a difference. Every day we seek innovative and efficient practices.

We respect, listen to and want to get to know our clients, valuing a friendly attitude, being loyal, positive and high-spirited. We are always available, working with a focus on the long term.

We are proactive and our teamwork is grounded on merit. We have a sense of priority, and basically, a sense of ownership, and we are committed to the satisfaction and well-being of clients and candidates.


If there is a word that characterizes our day-to-day life, that word is SUCCESS.

No, don’t think we are arrogant, or want to take advantage.

It’s because the word success drives us.

Yes, we do work for our professional success.

We are a consulting firm that works daily to get leaders to pursue challenging paths. We have this commitment to every person who strives for growth or career advancement.

We want to make their journey easier, simpler, we want to work as a bridge.

We want to bring talent together.

Because only those who are happy at their work, work harder and get where they want to go. They have a better home life, are healthier, are more at ease with their friends, and have a better quality of life.

And being able to help people find professional paths gives us pleasure and satisfaction.

This is why those who know us, find a team full of motivation and desire.

This is why we have become more than just a service provider and owner: we have become partners and friends.

We are always ready to serve our clients, understand their demands.

We don’t think about numbers.

We don’t think about vacancies.

We don’t think about fitting someone in somewhere.

We want to know who is behind a professional position.

We want to know what their values are, their loves, their feelings and their wishes.

We embrace their talent.

This is our great challenge: to be a reference in Leadership Search.

And this is what we always want, because to get it right is success for us, which is success for you.

TARGET RH, connecting LEADERS and companies on successful paths.


Our team is made of people who have a twinkle in their eyes and want to outdo themselves every day.

TARGET RH was born as a result of finding people with that profile, i.e., people who had the same purpose. Thus, its governance is made up of professionals who have over 15 years of experience in different market segments. Learn more about the profile of each member:

Worked in the financial area of BM&F Bovespa and BASF, and as Head of Business at national and multinational consulting firms, such as HAYS (start-up in Brazil), ALPEN (GP Investments) and FIT RH Consulting. Among his various activities we can highlight the hiring of professionals for the middle and top management levels for the industrial sector and service providers in various areas.

He holds a degree in Business Administration from Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia, an MBA in Derivatives from USP/FEA, and an MBA in Foreign Trade and International Business Management from FGV.

Worked in Human Resources at Caterpillar and Anhembi Turismo e Eventos da Cidade de São Paulo, and as Head of Business in national and multinational consulting firms, such as Case Consulting and FIT Executive Search, leading projects and teams in middle and top management positions, having worked in recent years in the industrial area.

She holds a degree in Psychology, has completed graduate studies in Business Administration at CEAG FGV, and has certification in Coaching from ICC.

Worked in Human Resources at a multinational power company and participated in the start-up of GP Investments. She is a specialist in Executive Recruitment and Selection for various areas.

She holds a degree in Psychology from Mackenzie, has completed graduate studies in HR Management at BSP, has earned a Specialization in Internal Consulting at Integração Escola de Negócios, and is the writer of various articles related to HR.

Held executive positions in Human Resources. He participated in the start-up of Brenco as HR Director, and implemented a management model at Contax that became a reference in the Call Center market. He coordinated the selection of candidates for McDonald’s franchises, and also worked at Grupo Ultra and Casas Bahia.

He holds a degree in Business Administration and a Specialization in Human Resources from FGV.

Em sua carreira atuou nas áreas financeiras da BM&F Bovespa e BASF e também em consultorias nacionais e multinacionais como HAYS (start-up no Brasil), ALPEN (GP Investments) e FIT RH Consulting como Head of Business. Entre os trabalhos que desenvolveu estão a contratação de profissionais para o nível de Middle e Top Management para o setor industrial e de serviços nas mais diversas áreas.

Graduado em Administração de Empresas pelo Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia, possui MBA em Derivativos pela USP/FEA e MBA em Gestão de Comércio Exterior e Negócios Internacionais pela FGV.

Em sua carreira atuou na área de Recursos Humanos da Caterpillar e Anhembi Turismo e Eventos da Cidade de São Paulo e também em consultorias nacionais e multinacionais como Case Consulting e FIT Executive Search, como Head of Business, liderando projetos e equipes em posições de Middle e Top Management, atuando nós últimos anos na vertical de Indústria.

Graduada em Psicologia, possui Pós-graduação em Administração de Empresas pela CEAG FGV e certificação em Coaching pelo ICC.

Graduada em Psicologia pelo Mackenzie, possui Pós-graduação em Gestão de RH pela BSP, Especialização em Consultoria Interna pela Integração Escola de Negócios, é também autora de diversos artigos relacionados à RH.

Em sua carreira atuou na área de Recursos Humanos em multinacional do mercado de energia e participou do start-up do GP Investments. É especialista em Recrutamento e Seleção de Executivos para as mais diversas áreas.

Em sua carreira ocupou posições Executivas na área de Recursos Humanos. Participou do start up da Brenco como Diretor de RH e implementou na Contax um modelo de gestão que o tornou referência no mercado de Call Center. Coordenou a seleção de candidatos das franquias da rede Mc Donald’s, além de ter atuado no Grupo Ultra e Casas Bahia.

Graduado em Administração de Empresas, possui Especialização em Recursos Humanos pela FGV.


São Paulo Office
Ed. Advanced Tower
Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 1069, 14º floor – Vila Olimpia
Phone: 55 11 4302 5615