We operate as trusted advisors. We are a national and independent consulting firm specialized in Human Capital, focused on hiring and developing leaders for companies of different sizes and segments.

We work with integrity, bringing the truth in a clear and respectful way. We issue opinions, establish dialogues, set goals ethically, always aiming to recommend the best strategy for our clients, ensuring no conflict of interest.

Our proactivity in getting to know not only professionals, but people, without necessarily having an opportunity in mind, expands our networking and market vision. We have a sense of ownership and associate our values to our performance. Our work is based on high performance, determination, and resilience with which we seek to generate a genuine impact on people’s lives.

Our multidisciplinary team is composed of professionals who have worked on every front of our market: they were applicants, participated in selection processes, worked as hiring parties, and are now headhunters at TargetRH. Since we can all understand the problems involved in the hiring process, we decided to face the challenge of doing it better, faster, and in a more accessible way.

We don’t believe in that traditional interview process with obvious and inauthentic questions. Each client needs a unique approach that should reflect their values and their culture.

We declare war on the lack of feedback for applicants. Everyone must be respected and informed of their evolution throughout the selection process so that they can learn and develop along their journeys.

We firmly believe that by reinforcing the attributes of our clients’ employer brands throughout the selection process, we are able to strengthen their history and assets, promoting unique experiences. (continue)

Our history shows that 96% of the executives our clients seek are very well-employed, so making them accept new challenges requires a complex strategy, having to keep our watchful eye on market trends and movements to develop value propositions that go far beyond positions and salaries.

So we involve the client in all stages of the process – from design to onboarding. We don’t rely only on systems and databases, but also on the search for the profile they need by mapping the market in line with strong consultancy efforts structured for and focused on hunting.

We guide applicants to choose an organization that is in line with their personal values because we know that if on the one hand people are increasingly looking for a purpose for their lives, on the other companies are increasingly concerned about impacting the applicant positively for attracting and retaining the best talent.

This is what brings the results our clients expect. This is what we do best, and this is why TargetRH is a reference in this market as an authentic, successful, respected, and well-connected company, where success is measured by long-lasting partnerships.


If there is a word present in our day-to-day life, that word is SUCCESS.
No, don’t think we are arrogant.
That is just a word that drives us.
We work for our professional success and for the people who engage with us on a daily basis.
This is our commitment to all those who are striving for growth and for changing their careers.
We want to make their journey easier.
Because only those who are happy at their work, work harder and get where they want.
They live well with their families, with their friends, are healthier, and have a better quality of life.
We want to bring talent together.
That’s what really gives us pleasure.
This is why those who know us find a team full of motivation and drive.
This is why we have become more than just a service provider and an employer: we have become partners and friends.
We don’t think about numbers.
We don’t think about job openings.
We don’t think about fitting someone in somewhere.
We want to know who is behind a job position.
We want to know about their values, loves, feelings, and desires.
We embrace their talent and drive them to success.
And this is what we always want.

TargetRH, connecting leaders and companies to successful paths.


Commitment to clients

We make every effort to find the best solutions for our clients, each with their own challenges and unique culture.

Exclusive market intelligence

We maintain a respected research team that works in an active and consultative way, searching for solutions.

Performance culture

We always pursue positive results, and our clients’ satisfaction is what motivates us every day.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that inclusion is one of the best ways to build a better world. That’s why we are committed to bringing maximum diversity to our clients.

Valuable network of contacts

We have established long-lasting relationships in the market due to the respect we have for clients and applicants, our unwavering ethics, and our history of positive cases.

Fast and consistent feedback

We work with agile methodology, and we understand the importance of feedback. After all, our team has already felt the pain of failing to receive feedback. We take our processes very seriously and, above all, we are human.

3C Philosophy

We understand that every Applicant can become not only a Contributor, but also a Consumer of the brands that we represent. That’s why we work to strengthen our clients’ attributes all the time.


1. Executive Search

We work with a structured journey focused on client demand and aimed at providing a unique experience for everyone involved.
Based on understanding the opportunity, we design a customized strategy to ensure a successful match between applicant and the hiring party. Our process includes: a) preliminary mapping supported by our market intelligence; b) assessment; c) presentation of not only the shortlist, but also of the market context, our journey, our perceptions, and recommendations; and d) follow-up with full support for the new employee’s integration in the company.
Our activities include technical recruitment of middle and senior leadership.

2. Market Mapping

Consists of essential material for building strategic paths and making decisions. The data collected includes remuneration, benefits, nomenclature of positions, hierarchical structures, trends, innovative initiatives, among other key information. The objective is to provide greater clarity on the competitive scenario in question.

3. Special Projects

Based on our more than ten years of experience in the market using customized methodologies, we work on projects for mergers and acquisitions, startups, downsizing, strategic changes, new businesses, and other needs related to search for results through human capital. Our cases range from recruitment to development, including sourcing, area redesign, coaching, assessment, mentoring, career transition, and a competency model.


“I founded TargetRH with a clear purpose: to positively impact people’s lives and help many professionals and organizations build prosperous paths more efficiently without ever failing to tell the truth.

This is because along my career path I’ve been a client, as well as an applicant, and a headhunter. I have already felt all the pains and mishaps of this ecosystem and have identified countless opportunities.

I often find myself thinking about the thousands of applicants who every day wake up in the morning expecting feedback from an interview that will never arrive. I also find myself thinking about the large number of organizations that miss out on great opportunities to strengthen their teams due to losing good professionals who would add gigantic results. And so I conclude that it takes more than competence to bring the best experience and best journey with constant feedbacks.

É preciso vocação, paixão eIt takes vocation, passion, and a lot of persistence for everyone to achieve growth and full satisfaction.

I defend the thesis that the best way is to see all companies by placing the applicant at the center of their hiring processes, having a differentiated, agile service without charging bonuses, without being biased, providing an unconditional guarantee, and with a solid ROI.

This perspective, along with understanding that every applicant can be a contributor and a consumer, has become our great differential. (continue)

I founded TargetRH with a purpose: to positively impact people’s lives and help many professionals and organizations build prosperous paths more efficiently without ever failing to tell the truth.

And in my quest to offer the best pathways to success, we have created a powerful research area and built lasting relationships, while paying attention to market trends and movements and to what we call TargetRH intelligence in order to propose well-grounded and assertive decisions.

The challenges posed by this commitment are not few. I have been working for many years in a system called Brazil, balancing my own strategies to get where we are today. But we are not shaken by our failures, nor do we get attached to our achievements. And nothing has ever prevented us from working in line with and obedient to our character, to ethical and moral standards. Everything is included in our value proposition, and the market is there to confirm this.

I confess that every time a client understands the return on their investment and applicants improve their lives, I feel that every drop of sweat was worth it, and that success is the big key to our business because our relationship with the market is direct, human, and alive.

Today I am very grateful for being able to share this story with all the people who have supported us. When I look back, I feel proud of what has been built so far. And that’s what motivates me to continue doing my best so that TargetRH continues being this leading provider for human capital solutions.

Thank you for the confidence and let’s move forward together.”

Felippe Mendes


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